This Family Of 4 Lives In Just 168 Sq. Ft For One Incredible Reason!


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In a world of expensive mortgages and pricey rents, it’s always refreshing to see people who have embraced “the simple life” and eschewed materialism and McMansions in favor of something far more meaningful.

While everyone has their own idea of what home is, to this family of four, it means just 168 sq. feet. I personally find the prospect a little scary, as I’m used to having much more space, but for one family, their tiny home means everything.

Six years ago, the Berzin family found themselves struggling financially when their Florida restaurant went out of business. Hari and Karl Berzins decided to downsize, and went to work donating, selling, and throwing out anything they felt they didn’t need, The Huffington Post reports. They found the Tiny House Blog, which explained the Tiny Home Movement and how families all over the world are now living in small, eco-friendly, and sustainable homes that they often build themselves.

The Berzins saved every penny they could and bought land in southwest Virginia. They built their tiny home on a flatbed trailer, and when they were finished construction and had found jobs in Virginia, moved the home up north to live mortgage-free. Now they’re planning to build a slightly bigger one, but for now, they Berzins are living the good life. Scroll down for a tour of their very special abode… Take a look inside!



  1. Good for you Berzin’s. You are an inspiration to those of us who are trying to live this way, and teaching us that it can be done.
    Thank you for showing how it can be done, neatly, cleanly and with dignity.

  2. Agenda 21 is a plan thought up by the elites. They want to bring people in from t he sububs and let the land return to being green, while the people are crammed into micro apartments in high rise buildings.
    There are many of these building going up in NYC, and elsewhere.
    In the same newspapers with glowing articles about these shoeboxes, there are ads for multi-million dollar full floor apartments.