This Family Of 4 Lives In Just 168 Sq. Ft For One Incredible Reason!


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The framework for the Berzin tiny home is just 168 sq. feet!


  1. Good for you Berzin’s. You are an inspiration to those of us who are trying to live this way, and teaching us that it can be done.
    Thank you for showing how it can be done, neatly, cleanly and with dignity.

  2. Agenda 21 is a plan thought up by the elites. They want to bring people in from t he sububs and let the land return to being green, while the people are crammed into micro apartments in high rise buildings.
    There are many of these building going up in NYC, and elsewhere.
    In the same newspapers with glowing articles about these shoeboxes, there are ads for multi-million dollar full floor apartments.