Airstream Tiny Home Is Space-Age On The Outside, Rustic On The Inside


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hen you think of an Airstream, you’re probably imagining something sleek, silver, and futuristic, like a space shuttle or a giant bullet cruising down America’s highways.

And in the case of a charming 1979 Airstream available for rent in New Orleans, you’d be right — until you step inside.

Airstreams, those classic silver trailers that ferried families across the country decades ago, turn out to be fantastic for DIY renovations. We’ve seen them become amazing tiny homes, and one intrepid businesswoman even turned hers into a mobile hair salon.

This backyard delight has also gotten a tiny-home makeover — but instead of mimicking the sleek, retro-futuristic exterior, owners Erin and Travis and designer Mathew Holdren decided to go in the complete opposite direction stylistically.

So when you step into this silver pod, you’ll find yourself in what looks just like a country cottage!

Take a look below, and if you’re especially enchanted, you can even book a reservation on Airbnb.


The Airstream sits in a backyard in New Orleans, nestled under a century-old sycamore tree, and complete with a porch for full vacation-mode relaxation.

While its shiny silver exterior makes it look a little like a spacecraft, its inside? Something else entirely!