Incredibly Patient Cat Helps Mom Soothe A Fussy Little Baby


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No matter how amazing of a parent you might be, babies will always find a way to surprise you in the most hilarious of ways. But for one mom, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized that her pet cat made the purfectbabysitter!

That’s because her darling little child was beginning to get a bit fussy. Nothing abnormal, just sometimes babies get a bit cranky. The diaper was clean, it was close to nap time, plenty of food had been eaten — just sometimes a baby needs to let out some grumpy noises.

But that’s when you should keep your eyes on the cat. Right when the baby was about to have a full-on good cry, this cat shows just how great of a mother she’ll be when she has kittens. The baby instantly calms down that you’d think it was magic! It really doesn’t get much cuter than this sweet little video.

It should be noted that mom always keeps a close eye on her little bundle of joy. Whether or not the cat is present, she’s always keeping watch on her tiny baby!

Please check out the whole story below and try your best not to smile!