Designer Builds A Vibrant And Unique Tiny Home In Austin


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Ihave often thought about transitioning into tiny-home living.

It’ll probably be a tough adjustment for the first few weeks, but I think that over time, I’ll come to appreciate the beauty and sheer grace in living with only the most vital of neccesities.

Tiny homes have been on the rise for the past decade or so. And what may have started merely as simple trailer or caravan conversions gradually blossomed into gorgeous, intricate creations.

Many people, like these retired grandparents who converted 1900s streetcars into a livable home, love to pour all their ideas and sources of inspiration into tiny homes, but to still make them as functional as possible.

Austin-based interior designer Kim Lewis sits down with Lonny Magazine to describe the design process for couple Aaron and Meredith’s tiny home. Below, we share pictures of this delightfully bohemian-inspired home.

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