She’s A PhD Student Living In A 120 Sq. Ft Home For One Amazing Reason!


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My dorm room in college was pretty small, but I remember being perfectly happy even in such a small space. After all, I had everything I needed, and I had a single, so it was all mine!

University of Oregon PhD candidate, April Anson, was inspired by the Tiny Home Movement to forgo pricey university housing. The movement has become an international sensation in recent years. A friend told April about how many people are giving up big, expensive living spaces in favor of small, eco-friendly, and sustainable homes that they often build themselves. She found herself hooked on the idea, so she decided to build her own, The Huffington Post reports.

“I felt almost panicked that I was only one person but I had all this STUFF—just stuff,” April told HuffPost. “While some had use, most just filled the space of the house. It seemed like a crazy sort of illogic.”

She may be missing a few luxuries in her new home, but April revealed that she is happy as a clam in her gorgeous home. I think her tiny home is nicer than the average university apartment despite its small size of 120 sq. feet. Scroll down for a tour…

April’s tiny home may look small and simple from the outside…